Sales Terms and Conditions

SALES Team Terms and Conditions

  1. Employment: As a member of the sales team, you agree to work for the company in a full-time or part-time capacity, and abide by all relevant employment laws and regulations.
  2. Sales Targets: You agree to use your best efforts to meet or exceed the sales targets assigned to you by the company. Failure to meet these targets may result in the modification of sales territory, loss of sales opportunities or termination of employment.
  3. Sales Process: You agree to follow the company's sales process and guidelines in all interactions with customers. This includes accurately representing the company's products and services, providing appropriate pricing information, and following up with customers in a timely manner.
  4. Confidentiality: You agree to keep confidential all sensitive and proprietary information of the company, including customer lists, sales data, and pricing information. You will not disclose this information to any third party without the prior written consent of the company.
  5. Competitor Interactions: You agree not to engage in any activities that could harm the company's business interests or reputation. This includes interacting with competitors in a way that could lead to a conflict of interest or breach of confidentiality.
  6. Personal Conduct: You agree to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times, both on and off the job. This includes treating all customers, colleagues, and partners with respect and refraining from engaging in any behavior that could reflect negatively on the company.
  7. Commission: You will be compensated for your sales performance according to the company's commission plan. The details of the commission plan will be outlined in your employment contract. You understand that the commission plan may be modified at any time, and you agree to accept any modifications as they are made.
  8. Termination: The company reserves the right to terminate your employment for any reason, including violation of the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement or poor performance.