Vendor Terms & Conditions

Vendor Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the website (OfficeSupply.SA) The following are the terms and conditions regarding the use and access to our web pages and payment:

General Conditions:

· Membership to the site is granted only to those over the age of 18 years. The website Administrator has the right to cancel the account of any member who has not attained 18 years of age without notice, with a commitment to liquidate any financial accounts as soon as the account is closed.

· No person shall be entitled to use the website if their membership has been cancelled by us.

· No one shall use more than one email address or one mobile telephone number to open more than one account for any reason whatsoever. The website Administrator has the right to freeze any offending accounts and/or cancel these accounts with a commitment to filter out all operations relating to the account before closing, freezing or cancelling it without incurring any responsibility to the website Administrator.

· In cases where customers have violated item 3 above, the website Administrator shall have the right to cancel any purchases made by the customer.

· The Customer shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information on their account and keeping their password safe.

· The Customer shall immediately report to the website Administrator any case of illegal use of the website or any attempt to penetrate the payment process. The website Administrator will not be responsible for any actions if there is a delay in reporting.

· This website will not be held responsible for any loss that may be incurred by you directly or indirectly, morally or materially as a result of the loss or misuse of the user name or password.

· The Customer acknowledges that all supplied information are true and correct and will be updated as required to comply with what is required in the registration form on the website.

· Our website is committed to dealing with your personal information and contact addresses with strict confidentiality and we will not disclose it to anyone once the procurement process is complete and your purchases are shipped.

· The customer acknowledges that they will provide website administrator with any information or documents immediately upon request of the website.

· In case of non-compliance with any of the above terms, the website Administrator has the right to suspend or cancel your membership and block the website to you.

· We reserve the right to cancel any accounts that are unverified and invalid, and any processes or accounts have been sitting idle for a long time without activity.

· The customer acknowledges and agrees that communication with the website will be by e-mail or through announcements made on the website. The customer also acknowledges and agrees that all agreements and declarations, statements and other communication supplied electronically will serve as counterparts to meet legal requirements.

· During the period of your membership will send you promotional emails as well as inform you of any changes or new procedures and advertising activities added to the website.

· The customer has the right as a user to cancel the receipt of promotional e-mails. This can be done by clicking on the “request not to receive promotional messages” line located at the bottom of promotional messages and advertisements.

· The customer is aware that (OfficeSupply.SA) may make amendments to the User Agreement and will notify the customer of such.

· The customer acknowledges and agrees that the (OfficeSupply.SA) website, with absolute validity and without bearing legal responsibility, may make essential changes to these conditions without requiring any additional approval from the customer, at any time with immediate effect, and will inform customers of these amendments by announcing them on the website.

· You cannot buy products in large quantities from the website for the purpose of resale.

· All intellectual property rights, whether registered or not registered at this website, and all the information and designs on this site, are the property of (OfficeSupply.SA).

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